Gulinisha·Yisilamuha:inheritor of the Tajik traditional costume

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我叫古丽尼沙.依斯拉木汗 塔吉克族人 My name is Gulinisha·Yisilamuha,a member of Tajik Ethnic Group

我是国家级非物质文化遗产代表性项目塔吉克族服饰(自治)区级传承人 I’m a (autonomous) regional-level inheritor of the Tajik traditional costume , a national-level intangible cultural heritage

我叫姑丽赛乃木. 胡加木卡力迪 我是塔吉克族 My name is Gulisainaimu·Hujiamukalidi, a member of Tajik Ethnic Group

塔吉克牧民爱吃奶制品,朋友儿以奶类肉类为主食 Tajik herders like to eat dairy products,We eat dairy and meat as a staple food

塔吉克族的建筑一般是是正方平顶 ,木石形状 Tajik architecture is generally with a square flat roof, wood and stone structure

室内宽敞 冬暖夏凉 spacious inside, warm in winter and cool in summer

塔吉克族主要居住在气候寒冷的高原 The Tajiks live mainly on cold plateau areas

朋友儿以畜牧业为主 We are mainly engaged in stockbreeding

全都有朋友儿的服饰用得最多的是皮毛和毯 Fur and blankets are used prevalently in our clothing

我(也)是国家级非物质文化遗产代表性项目塔吉克族服饰区级传承人 I’m also a (autonomous) regional-level inheritor of the Tajik traditional costume, a national-level intangible cultural heritage

春夏季朋友儿穿的衣服一般由布制成 The garments we wear in spring and summer are usually made of cloth

并绣有花边 And embroidered with lace

还搭配这种金 银 珠子 作装饰 非常的漂亮 Also with some gold, silver, beads for decoration, very beautiful

在朋友儿的服饰中 In our costumes

成年男子一般戴黑绒圆高统吐马克帽 Adult men generally wear high, round black woolen "Tu ma ke" hats

帽上绣花纹和花边大气沉稳 The embroidered pattern and lace on the cap are very elegant

年轻女子穿色彩艳丽的连衣裙 美丽活泼。 Young women wear colorful dresses, beautiful and lively.

现在朋友儿塔吉克族的服装制作者 Now our Tajik costume makers

积极创新 将传统技艺结合现代时尚 Actively innovate and combine traditional skills with modern fashion

提高朋友儿传统手艺的文化价值 To enhance the cultural value of our traditional crafts

朋友儿现在积极创业 We are now actively entrepreneurial

开办服饰企业 推广朋友儿的民族服饰 We set up clothing enterprises to promote our national costumes

生活水平相比之后有了很大提高。 Our living standards have improved a lot compared with before.

朋友儿塔吉克族的服饰在获得市场认可的共同 Our Tajik costumes are well received in the market

朋友儿对塔吉克族的了解也太少 People thus know more and more about Tajik Ethnic Group

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